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The fire set-up described utilizes our Meat Masters Radio "225 SLOW-SMOKE FIRE©". The rub recipe used above can be found here: "Bovine Bark©" Big meats can be "finished" and brought up to 203F easily in any cooker ... electric roasting oven, smoker, slow-cooker ... or an ordinary indoor oven. The smallest cooker that will accomodate the meat and provide a humid envornment is preferred.

You can buy an excellent 18-quart capacity electric cooker for only $40. I prefer electricity due to the easy control it provides. You can bump it up or down quickly as needed .. to move it faster through those dreaded stalls. That shortens the overall cooking time. It doesn't matter what cooker you use after the 3-4 hour smoke period .. so save your mental health and charcoal for the necessary .. smoking meats .. not grunting and groaning them to 203F. Why make it more work than it already is? For photos of this "hybrid" method or "technique" ... continue.


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